Trädgårdslegender (Legends of Garden)

Foto: Gabriella DahlmanFoto: Gabriella DahlmanMargareta Bloom Sandebäck
Foto: Pernilla BergdahlFoto: Gabriella Dahlman

In her book,Trädgårdslegender, Lisa Ising meets some of the passionate enthusiasts who shaped today’s garden culture in Sweden. Together they go for flower walks and garden parties, they weed and drive trucks together. And above all, they speak of/talk about gardens; what they do to us, mean to us, which plants and ideas to cherish, role models and gardens to praise… What dreams and memories to hold on to.

A total of ten garden profiles and designers are portrayed here together with their private gardens. The profiles all generously offer proven advice and personal favorites, useful for the reader on their own. The result is an unusually personal fact book, both beautiful and practical. A piece of modern Swedish garden history!

The rich picture material comes from one of the country’s most skilled garden photographer: Gabriella Dahlman.

Karin BerglundLotte MöllerIngegerd Råman
Helge LundströmSigne Persson MelinLars Krantz