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On Sara Bäckmo, immensely popular all-year-around kitchen garden-farmer from Småland. It started with a  small experiment to make the family self-supportive with greens from their garden. After five books, podcast and a busy website she now runs a whole business with her own staff. But the center is still family-life and making the best of it.

Lantliv – Odlarglädje i Småland »


9 pages on Danish flower artist Tage Andersen and his famous camelia-collection (one of the largest in Scandinavia) – on his mansion Gunillaberg. About his passion, the many varieties and different camellia ladies of time; from the 19th century French novel to Greta Garbo’s film interpretation and later.

Allers Trädgård – Tages kamelior »

_DSC0777 Porträtt Lasse K + Helles köks - förstasidaHelles köks - introsida, singelHelles köks, andrasidan II

Kitchen garden at its best: Gorgeous, well-kept, sustainable. Visiting artist Helle Christensen Hjort’s vegetable garden is like stepping into a painting. Here she tips on stunning combinations and shares her love for eatable beauty.

Trädgårdsliv – Helles köksträdgård »

Vårkoloni - första sidaVårkoloni uppslag

Two designers and their alotment; playful, unconventional and with great integrity. And of course absolutely fabulous!

Sköna Hem – Förförd av våren »

Trädgårdsliv Nr 1, 2013 - Cecilias narcisserTrädgårdsliv Nr 1, 2013 - Cecilias narcisser

An 8 pages about narcissus – a poetic being with over 25,000. Meet the passionate collector Cecilia Wingård and get to know the increadibly long history of narcissus. Shakespear for sure enjoyed them, as William Wordsworth did. A story in springtime to make you happy!

Trädgårdsliv – Cecilias narcisser »

Sköna Hem Nr 6, 2013Sköna Hem Nr 6, 2013Sköna Hem Nr 6, 2013

Inspirational piece about the man who built his own and very stylish 18 century-style orangery – form construction waste, dumpster-finding and alike. A man who discover possibilities in just about anything. Here he tells us how.

Sköna Hem – Oj, jag råkade bygga ett orangeri »

Trädgårdsliv nr 1, 2012Trädgårdsliv nr 1, 2012Trädgårdsliv nr 1, 2012

At plantsman Hannu Sarenström’s place and his in his famous grove in Västergötland – in the most bursting time of spring. Hannu refers to the colorful flowers as refreshing “tutti frutti” for the eyes after a long, grey winter. Here he shares what plats to use and how to create a really lush grove for springtime.

Trädgårdsliv – Hannu Sarenström, Hannus vårlund »

Trädgårdsliv Nr 1, 2013 - Signerat MolinTrädgårdsliv Nr 1, 2013 - Signerat Molin

About the legacy of ever-current garden architect Ulla Molin. She passed away in 1997, but her deed and vital garderns lives on. This well-kept example is the Östberg-garden in Lund, a tiny townhouse garden, lovingly cared for during more than 30 years. Here you find all the typical plants and attributes of Ulla Molin.

Trädgårdsliv – Ulla Molin, Signerat Molin »

Hus & Hem Nr 5, 2013Hus & Hem Nr 5, 2013

Inspirational piece on how to successfully extend your villa with a green house. This one from the 1920s also regained its garden – and an a relaxing country house – feeling. A personal story but also with drawings and interview with the successful architect.

Hus & Hem – Vi har fått ett lantställe – i vår eget hus! »