Green writer and kick starter

lisaLisa Ising is a Swedish journalist and writer, with the good story in focus. No matter the topic, she always finds the story to tell. Many years in the profession also guarantee a writer who is fast, accurate and punctual.

After more than twenty years, working both in the press and broadcasting media,

Lisa Ising today owns her own business and contributes on a regular basis to major Swedish magazines, newspapers and professional journals with articles, longreads, feature stories and personal portraits.

She specializes in horticulture and landscape architecture, urban farming, gastronomy and related topics. Botany is a lifelong interest. Already as a child, she got to know the Swedish flora and she spent school years putting together an herbarium. During a three year stay Japan she studied Ikebana, the zen-influenced way of seeing and arranging plants.

Lisa Ising also is the initiator and founder of one of Sweden’s first urban farming projects, The Castle Garden (Slottsträdgården) in Malmö – an ecological hotspot that is still thriving. Due to that experience, matters that still catches her interest are entrepreneurs, sustainability and alternative ways.

Besides journalism and starting a grass root gardening project, Lisa Ising has worked as a project manager. At Fredriksdal, a Swedish open-air museum in Helsingborg, she organized major outdoor events. She has also been the director of numerous exhibitions at Ariman art gallery in Lund. More information is to be found at Other missions.


  • Major degree in journalism (JMG), University of Stockholm
  • Teaching degree, University of Malmö
  • Bachelor of Arts in literature and art and Japanese, University of Lund

Member of:

The Swedish Journalism Association (SJF)
Swedish PEN-association for Gardens journalist (Gröna Pennklubben)