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Trädgårdsliv Nr 1, 2013 - Cecilias narcisserTrädgårdsliv Nr 1, 2013 - Cecilias narcisser

Garden »

Articles on horticulture and gardening, published in Swedish and Danish magazines

Allt om Trädgård Nr 13, 2013Allt om Trädgård Nr 13, 2013

Food / farming / lifestyle »

Stories on food related topics: Food trucks and other entrepreneurs, pioneer farmers and lifestyle reports on kids making their own vegetable garden or neighbors founding a coop to make apple juice together.

Äkta mat Meyer ochKaxiga MalmöÄkta Mat Claus Meyer

Portraits »

Longreads on personalities likeClaus Meyer, co-founder of world-famous restaurant Noma in Copenhagen/Denmark, Signe Persson-Melin, celebrated ceramist and designer,  Lotte Möller – grand lady of Swedish gardening, ♦ Ajje Ljungberg, newspaper man and entrepreneur. Also; Tareq Taylor, a farming chef and TV-personality in Sweden

Aftonbladet Söndag MarockoAftonbladet Söndag Marocko

Travel reports »

Stories from near and far destinations: Morocco, Denmark with its ancient beach hotels, a tweenie trip to Paris and Monet’s famous garden in Giverny, France.