Winstrupskontoret. Fr v Cecilia Holm, Jutta Falkengren, Caroline Bjurman Holgersson, Lisa Ising, Tiina Meri och Maria Gyllström Sjövik. Foto: Pernilla Bergdahl

Graphic Design Agency Grafolin
Graphic designs of books, magazines and printed matter. Produces graphic profiles, builds brands.

Web agency Khaki
Builder of web pages in WordPress. Strategist on social media, marketing and e-commerce

Illustrator Jutta Falkengren
Illustrator with a mind for the unexpected. Strong images with a lot of humor.

Some photographers I work with

Pernilla Bergdahl − garden photographer
Tine Guth Linse
− specializes in food pics, lifestyle etc
Gabriella Dahlman
 − garden photographer, portraits and more
Peter Carlsson
− specializes in interior design, lifestyle