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Travel report for everyone who watched the Danish TV series “Bade hotelet”. Tipsy guide to the legendary beach hotels along the coast of Jutland – a kind of time pockets without wifi and modernities. Here simplicity, great food and nature are the real luxiries

M-Magasin – 7 bra skäl att åka till danska badhotell

Aftonbladet SöndagAftonbladet Söndag

Text and pics from Morocco’s desert and simmering Marrakesh. With tips on accommodation, restaurants, shopping, things to see and experience.

Aftonbladet Söndag – Marocko från första parkett »

Aftonbladet Söndag maj 2012Aftonbladet Söndag maj 2012

Monet’s French garden – a child-friendly destination. Following the traces of classical child book ”Linnéa in the painter’s garden”. In addition, guide to Paris for tweenies with accommodation, restaurants, shopping, thing to see places to go. Hedvig, 10 handled the camera.

Aftonbladet Söndag – På besök i Monets trädgård »


Alternative report from a snowy Norway – without skis. Guide and tips for those who prefer glamorous hangouts at the renown mountain hotels from the turn of the last century. Learn about great food and the good of life at the charming ski resort of Geilo.  Photo: Lisa Ising and others.

Amelia – Shopping, skidor och hundspann »


Report and guide to London’s green addresses: Europe’s largest rooftop garden, The Garden Museum and brunch at The Botanist. Shopping, accommodation, attractions and food – all on the same green theme.

Aftonbladet – London Grönskar »

Kunglig1 Kungligt2Kungligtikph-3

Travel guide with photo to Copenhagen on royal theme. Accommodation, restaurants, attractions and shopping – all related to the court, the castle, the queen or the royal family. A fun theme to travel by!

Aftonbladet – Kunglig glans i Köpenhamn »