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Story on the fine dining chef and his journey back home to his childhood village, after several years in the big city. In St. Olof with a few hundred inhabitants, Matti Holgersson instead opened a bakery and a diner. In less than a year, his place has revitalized the entire village. A true sunshine story.

Lantliv – En bagare kommer hem »


Winter supplement of 17 pages, to newspaper Sydsvenskan, covering gastronomy, crafts and entrepreneurs – all with a local twist. The assignment here was to function both as an editor, writer and photographer. A follow-up from a Spring supplement, half a year earlier.

Sydsvenskan-bilaga – Äntligen Vintermys »

Rittman omslagRittman uppslag

We took to the woods to meet with Roland Rittman, one of the key figures inthe New Nordic cuisine. He’s got the knowhow and finds his way around the woods to provide wild herbs and other crucial ingredients to restaurants like Noma in Denmark and celebrated chefs like Myllymäki. Photo: Tine Guth Linse

Äkta Mat – Roland Rittman är skogstokig »

Allt om Trädgård Nr 13, 2013Allt om Trädgård Nr 13, 2013

Start your own coop with your neighbors! Some families in Lund have done so and tell us exactly what it takes – and how much fun it is. Besides they really take of their apples and make new friends while working together.

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Sushi - förstasida - sSushi - uppslag - s

The owners of the sushi restaurant RåEpok got tired of red-listed fish and questionable semi-finished products. Instead they decided to invest in local ingredients and fresh fish. With their new ideas they’ve helped renew the Swedish sushi-trend.

Äkta Mat – Sushi på skånska »

Calvados - förstasida - sCalvados uppslag -s

Already when Bonny Håkansson took over cider factory in Sövde five years ago he had a vision. He wanted to make a local Swedish calvados, from harvest to finished bottle. Now he is well on his way!

Äkta Mat – Calvados på svenska »

Coffee - förstasida - sCoffee Collective uppslag - s

Visiting The Coffee Collective in Copenhagen and coffee nerd Klaus Thomsen, world champion in making a cup of coffee. Through direct import and his own micro-roastery, the smallest detail is controlled, all the way from coffee plant to freshly brewed coffee.

Äkta Mat – Kärlek till kaffe »

Chilli - första sida - sChili uppslag I-sChili uppslag II - s

A hot story in the midst of winter, meeting with the engaged chili collector of more than 150 different kinds of hot peppers and alike. There are the world’s hottest, pygmy varieties, yellow, purple, orange. You name it!

Allt om Trädgård – Chili, älska den hett »

Food trucks Omslag-s-sFood trucks Uppslag-s

When food trucks were a new sight in town, we did some checking out around Sweden. Interviews with politicians, officials – and frustrated entrepreneurs who were battling headwinds at the time. Classic journalism and trend tension in combination.

Äkta Mat – Snabbmatens riddare, om food trucks »

Äkta mat_omslag_Meyer-Kaxiga_Malmö-sKaxiga _Malmo-1-sKaxiga _Malmo-3-s

Three cool food entrepreneurs from Malmö: Saltimportens Canteen, The Fucking Marmalade Factory and Kaka på Kaka. They all break new grounds in different ways, and with their attitude they’ve made Malmö Sweden’s creative hub.

Äkta Mat – Kaxiga Malmö, 3 matentreprenörer i framkant »

This young family changed lifestyle and moved to the small village of Sövde to take over an old cider factory. It is one of the few that still receives fruit from private gardens. And all those different kinds of apples make an interesting and complex must. About rare apple varieties, entrepreneurship and a promising choice of life. A fun job to do!

Allt om Trädgård – Låt äppelskörden bli gyllengul must »

Trädgårdsliv Nr 4, 2013

Road trip to Sweden’s foremost pumpkin- pioneer. Louie’s Pumpkin Patch is not in America, though you might like to believe so. What could have been the prairie and the Rocky Mountains is, in fact, Västgötaslätten and Billingen in western Sweden! That’s where he’s growing his unique plants.

Trädgårdsliv – Louie’s Pumpkin Patch »

Hands on-article on how to fix a vegetable patch for your kids in the garden. Practical adviceand tips fixing the fun details. The Robert family in Lund let us borrow both their children and their garden.

Allt om Trädgård – Ett alldeles eget grönsaksland »


Watch the 107-year-old recipes come alive again! The exciting story of how a cooks’ collection of handwritten recopies from the castle of Häckeberga were saved in a fire, to be miraculously found much later at an auction – and returned to the castle again. We let the present head chief cook some of the recipes again after more than a century – and discovered a food philosophy and raw materials that feels highly current again! A personal project that lasted during a whole year. It was my own grandfather who found the recipes at an auction – and it was I who could hand them over to Häckeberga and the very same castle kitchen again. What we cooked? Read the story!

Gourmet – Recepten som kom hem »

NyponreportageExpressen Trädgård sept 2012

Roses are great, but what about the rose hips? Article listing the most tasty and beautiful kinds and showing all the different colors and shape they come in. Furthermore; how to grow and how to cook them, besides their fascinating history. We visited the enthusiast Ann Persson on a sunny autumn day.

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